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Relapse Intervention and Sexual Knowledge (RISK)
(Healthy Sexuality Group for Juveniles)

Prior to the formation of this group juveniles who were charged with any sex offense was place in the juvenile sex offender program (JSOP). Thus, the healthy sexuality group was initially created to addresses concerns regarding sexual behaviors that were either not serious enough to be treated through the JSOP group or that were concerning because of where the juvenile could be heading in their psychological/sexual development. Many of the juveniles in the healthy sexuality group are charged with lesser or misdemeanor charges like unlawful sexual contact, or hands-off offenses. Whereas if their offense involved a felony charge they are generally referred to the JSOP group. With other juveniles, a concerned professional may have referred them because of sexual language, behaviors, habits, or concerns even if charges were not filed. Examples of juveniles commonly seen in the RISK group include: sexual harassment, seductive behaviors including solicitation, fetish behaviors (cross-dressing, stealing or masturbating to clothing, etc.), compulsive masturbation, pornography addiction, indecent exposure, peeping, obscene language and phone or Internet sex.

These concerns are often considered "Gateway" offenses in that they often draw attention to problematic behavior that is low or moderate risk but if left untreated have the potential to increase in both severity and number of offenses as the juvenile grows older. The rational for the healthy sexuality program is based on research that demonstrates that sexually deviant behaviors commonly have an early onset with lesser offenses. Over time these offenses are reinforced by deviant fantasies and lead into more daring sexual behaviors. Often the juvenile becomes bored with or saturates on the non-aggressive, hands-off behaviors, and begins looking for other sexual experiences, such as coercing a weaker individual into doing something sexual with them. Individuals who progress across these levels, generally start out as na´ve and inquisitive and progress to more dangerous perpetrating behavior without considering the seriousness of their offense. Most are lacking in social skills, exhibit poor boundaries, and have either had no or inadequate sexual education. Many come from abusive backgrounds or have witnessed violence in the home. The healthy sexuality program is organized to facilitate for these deficits and provide intervention into potentially dangerous patterns before they form into more dangerous behavior.

Whereas the length of treatment for the JSOP program is generally eighteen months to two years, the average length of treatment in the healthy sexuality program is six months to one year.